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Jennifer Griffith K-5 Spanish teacher

Phone 908-234-0768 ext. 268

email- jgriffith@bedminsterschool.org

April 14-30th Distance learning and teaching for all families

K-2--If you did not get to pick up a packet, I will have several sites at the bottom of this announcement for you to go to where students can practice their Spanish. If you have packets, please have your child do a page or 2 a week. We will go over them when we return to school. 

3rd and 4th grades-Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom, they will need to be submitted through here as well. If you did not get a packet, students can use the links below to go to Quizlet or other sites to practice Spanish. We will  do a Zoom class the week of April 14th. Here we will be able to catch up and go over how their distance learning is going. A Flipgrid assignment is posted in Google Classroom, please have your children complete by the 17th.  4th grade international Heritage Night projects are still to be completed, rather than a poster, they may do them in google slides or docs though. These will be presented the week of April 14th in Flipgrid as well. 

5th Grade-All assignments are posted in Google Classroom and must be submitted through here as well. We will also be using Flipgrid for some of the assignments. All assignments are required and must be completed. We will also be using Zoom for a few meetings, probably twice a week. The packets that were available are the reading assignments that are posted in Classroom. The first day students are to read, and underline or circle cognates and words they know. This will help with comprehension. The next day they are to answer the questions, to the best of their ability. We will be going over these during Zoom sessions. If they did not get a packet, they can read online, in this case, they are to write the words and answers in their notebooks, noting the date that each of them are completed. For the assignments in their textbooks, they are to do their heading as we usually do then do the activities. These I will go over in a Flipgrid assignment or in Zoom sessions. Their International Heritage Night projects are still to be completed, however, the new date is April 17th, they are to complete these in Flipgrid. 


If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. 

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Sra. Griffith

Here are a few helpful links, but there are more on the left of my page under web links. If any of these links do not work, copy and paste them to your address window or follow link on my home page.

K-2 Quizlet--https://quizlet.com/join/Uks9ArDpE

3rd and 4th grade Quizlet--  https://quizlet.com/join/krKFraweT

5th grade Quizlet--  https://quizlet.com/join/d28kzJ7j5

Fun site with various grade levels--  https://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/spanish_games_for_children

Here is another fun site a parent shared with me.


This site has a lot of different levels


Link below is for beginners












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  I am the Spanish teacher for Kindergarten through 5th grade students. My main objective is to make every student in my World Language classroom successful and have fun while doing so! If you need additional help at any time throughout the year, please let me know, we will come up with a time that works to get you what you need!


Contact me anytime either by email



phone (908)-234-0768 (ext 268)





All about me




Hello and Welcome! I am so excited to be teaching my seventh year here at Bedminster! If you are new to the district I look forward to meeting you and your child or children!

Wow, it was a busy summer for me! I hope everyone had as good a summer as I did. I started working very hard in my garden, I have lots of tomatoes, lettuce, a bunch of types of squash, peas, beans and other stuff too! We also did a lot of upgrades to our property, which was a ton of work, but our property looks amazing!

We visited our families up in the northeast, my brothers live in CT and MA, my husband’s sister and brother live in NH. It was great catching up with our relatives, that are spread throughout the country. 

For those of you that remember, our bees are doing great.  All of our new bees are doing fine.


I am looking forward to another fantastic year here at Bedminster!


For those of you that are new:

 I have done many things in my life, and other than being a mother of 3, being a teacher is the best thing I have ever done. I LOVE what I do, and I think you will find that I am passionate about what I do and about the children I am teaching. I believe that every student has the ability to learn a foreign language and I am certain that I will find a way to reach every child that walks into my classroom.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking and gardening. I love to cook what I grow in my garden and experiment with new things. I also enjoy music, you will find I use it in many of the things I teach so don't be surprised if I bring my guitar into the class to sing a tune with you! I also love animals, I have 3 cats 2 dogs and 10 chickens on our mini-farm.




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