Important Kindergarten Info

 Important Information and Classroom Information 


Take Home Folders 

Another very important part of our communication network is the TAKE HOME folder.  Your child will have a folder that he/she will be carrying home with them nightly.  One side is labeled “keep home” which is for any notices or completed work that we no longer need in the classroom. The other side is labeled “bring back” which is for anything you need to look at and return or assignments. This is also the side to put any notes for me or the school. Your child will hand in the folder daily and I will return it to them at the end of the day for you to look at with important information. 



All classrooms will be PEANUT FREE this school year.  Your child may bring peanut items to lunch, but they are not to have these items during snack. It is important that during snack time students do not share their snacks due to specific allergies. Thanks for your cooperation.


Parent Pick Up Notes 

If your child is going to be a parent pick up, please have notes to the front desk NO LATER then 2:00 that day.  This will ensure that the reception desk can compile the list in enough time to send out to the bus monitors.  Make sure to include: child's first and last name, teacher, and who will be picking up your child.  Also if there will be a change in your child's way of dismissal this needs to be communicated so the school is aware. This is very important for the office and teachers to be aware of for a smooth and safe dismissal!  You can call Bedminster School ext. 201 or email to contact the reception desk. Thank you!



In an effort to minimize spreading germs, please keep your child at home when he or she is feeling ill or displaying flu-like symptoms. Please also remember to inform the reception desk when your child is absent. You can call Bedminster School ext. 201 or email to contact the reception desk. 



Since Kindergarten grade eats lunch at 11:15am, we will be having snack in the afternoon. Please be mindful when packing snacks that we have a few serious allergies to peanuts and other nuts. Fruit, veggies, or yogurt are great snacks to send!



Due to allergies we are not allowed to serve food to celebrate birthdays.  I would still love to celebrate your child's special day.  I like to celebrate with "Birthday Book Celebrations" by having a parent or special person in the child's life if you are unable to come read a special book, possibly your child's favorite with the class.  If you would like to do this please try to contact me at least a week before your child's birthday to allow for us to plan a time that works with our schedules.  If you are unable to attend you can still send the book in and I will read it to the class.  If your child has a summer birthday and you would like to celebrate it the best time is either their half birthday or in June.  


Lunch Money 

Please be sure that your child's first and last name as well as "Wysocki" or "KW" appear on the envelope with lunch money. Checks should be made out to B.T.B.O.E. Costs for complete student lunches are listed below.

1 lunch = $2.50

5 lunches = $12.50

10 lunches = $25.00

15 lunches = $37.50

20 lunches = $50.00



Friday Folders

Friday Folders: Information for Friday Folders is located on the Bedminster Home Page under Quick Links.