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Dear Parents, 


Each year I use an AMAZING app called ClassDojo in my classroom to help communicate with you.  We can instantly share messages, updates and photos from class. It's the easiest way for you to see how your child is doing at school and to get in touch with me!  


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I also use the app to keep track of our class points that the students earn throughout the day for showing me important skills, like working hard, staying on task, and participating. Students can even get involved by helping me to select other target behaviors to track as well as by creating their own Dojo monster avatars. In addition to being fun, the students love being able to have a voice and get immediate feedback on how they are doing in the classroom!  The students work together to earn the points: when we reach a certain amount of points the students earn a class reward.



I'd like all students and families to join me and sign up for ClassDojo! You can use it on any device: it is a simple, FREE mobile app for iOS and Android, and can also be used from a computer at: 


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At Back to School Night, I will share more about ClassDojo and you will each receive your own personal sign-up code. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about ClassDojo please feel free click on the Mojo below!



I can't wait to share with you the magic that is ClassDojo! I am confident you will love it every bit as much as I do!



Mrs. Wysocki
Mojo Owl